Sliding Doors

How many doors are produced in a year?

According to a report by Global market insights, 40 million units of doors are manufactured yearly. Based on this data, the US, UK, France and Germany account for more than 25 million units of all doors shipments.

Moreover, the market size value of the door at September 2022, starts at $224 billion. There is an expected growth of around 4.2% in 2023, especially in European countries. The number of doors produced yearly will depend on several factors which include the construction of new homes and population growth. Also, the manufacturing process determines how many doors are manufactured yearly.

How many Door units are shipped to Europe in 2022?

Based on data from Graphical research, the EU doors market exceeds $35 billion this year. Moreover, this data is based on door materials such as wood fiberglass, and steel aluminum.

The European Union door industry is expected to see a rise in 2023-2026. This is particularly true because of the several smart city projects being embarked on by European World leaders. A good example of this is the Smart Cities and Communities European program which has promised to deliver 80 cities before 2026.

What is the number of doors present in the world?

Based on the current world population of around 8 billion, there should be about 41 billion doors across the world. However, in all fairness, getting an actual estimate is difficult because countries have their standards when it comes to doors. Also, it is not just about homes, what about hospitals, banks, hotels, cars, and other edifices? Also, a three-story building will have more doors than a studio.

Where can we find the most doors in the world?

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai according to has this record. Because it is the tallest building in the world, the number of doors is estimated at 17,000. This is because it has 304 rooms, 38 floors, and 57 elevators.

The Winchester house in California has about 2,000 doors with around 145 rooms while the Palace of Versailles in France has 2,350 rooms and expect all rooms have at least a day

We can then conclude that the bigger an apartment the more rooms it will have.

Final Thoughts

To have an appropriate number of doors produced yearly isn’t possible. However, based on the world population, you can have a rough estimate of how many doors are in the world.

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