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How to Measure Sliding Glass Doors

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It’s crucial to know how to measure sliding glass doors if you need a replacement as it will affect the kind and style of door you can use. Also, if you want to get a new screen or buy curtains or blinds, you’ll still need precise measurements.

These sliding glass doors are also known as (sliding) patio doors and they are a great way to have a beautiful view of your garden or lawn. They provide natural light to your house and serve decorative purposes.

How To Measure Sliding Glass Doors

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You’ll need to be aware of the size of the so-called “rough opening”. Your doors fit into this opening and there are no frames or moldings present.

Then, you will need a measuring tape, a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper or a notepad to record your measurements before you begin.

Use a tape measure to determine the door’s width at its widest point. Measure three times; once at the center of the opening, once at the top, and once at the bottom. This measurement takes into account the current door’s rough opening and it’s used to gauge the width of the door.

If the door is not square, measure the length/height of the door as well. Take three measurements once more on the right, on the left, and at the center down to the concrete “subfloor” that the door sill rests on.

Now, retake the measurements and pick the least of all the values. It will ultimately save you a lot of grief if you take the effort to be extra cautious at this time. However, make sure your measurements take into account the door frame because most people won’t have the luxury of being able to remove their old door before measuring for a new one. Keep in mind that the entire opening must be covered in the measurements.

To account for trim, casings, and other components that may not always be visible, deduct 10mm from both measures. You are now left with your final tally. With these measurements in hand, you have everything you need to order a new set of patio doors.

How To Measure Hinged (French) Patio Doors

It is still simple and quick to measure your patio doors, even if they are French doors.

Start outside your house and measure a hinged patio door from there. Start by determining the width, like we would for sliding patio doors. To measure the height of the hinged French patio doors, extend your tape measure vertically from one end of the door panel to the other. Make sure your measurements are accurate a second time, and then make a note of the width and height of your hinged French patio door.

You can as well measure them while standing inside your home by following these processes:

Measure your French door horizontally from edge to edge just like sliding glass doors. Place one end of your measuring tape where the door meets the floor and measure up to the top of the door to determine the vertical measurement of your French doors.

Please Note: French doors always come in pairs, thus the overall width is more significant than the width of each door.

Are Patio Doors Standard Sizes?

You have very little room for mistakes with a typical internal door. You only need to buy one that is somewhat too large and trim a few centimeters off the sides so your door now fits in the frame.

However, this is not possible while using patio doors because there isn’t a standard size for patio doors. To offer the maximum level of security and heat insulation possible, the frames must fit perfectly because they are typically an essential component of a patio door setup.

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If installing a pair of patio doors in your home is a lovely way to bring the fresh green beauty of your garden into the cozy haven of your home; whether you pick bright, open sliding doors or classically beautiful French doors, measuring up and selecting sizes is just the first step in the process of creating a home that is more open, light, and bright.

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