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How to Repair Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can offer several advantages in any home, including saving space, better ventilation, and better lighting if made of glass. However, one of the few disadvantages is their tendency to wear out and break faster than hinged doors. 

Whatever type of sliding door you have, there are many ways they can become damaged. Indoor sliding doors generally hang on horizontal rails, which can become bent, rusted, or broken. Outdoor patio sliding doors have a set of tracks that can suffer from the same issues and can also become dirty and not slide properly. 

Remove Build-up

A quick fix to repair a sticky sliding door is to remove the buildup. You can use soap and water or a multi-purpose cleaner of your choice. Sometimes this can take a bit of elbow grease, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. You can also add a lubricant such as WD-40 and slide the door back and forth a few times to coat it well once it is clean.

Inner Track Issues

If you find that the inner tracks are the issue, you may need to remove one of the panels to repair it. You can do this by removing the stop molding and lifting the panel away from the frame. If you are trying to fix a glass panel, you will likely need to order a custom glass panel to fit your door. These panels can be very heavy, so do not attempt this if you are a novice and trying to DIY a sliding door repair without help. 

In Conclusion

Depending on the issue, you may need several different tools. Repairs to the track, frame, or rollers may be necessary. If you’re not comfortable using tools like a drill, wrench, screwdriver, or pliers, try finding a professional to repair your sliding door.

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