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12 Sliding Door Curtain Ideas You Should Probably Bear In Mind

In order to have the most practical interior design, curtains for sliding glass doors are required. These help to draw attention to the room’s architectural characteristics, such as the wide window, and make them more noticeable. 

Sliding door window coverings do more than just dress up large panes of glass; they also block prying eyes, regulate the amount of natural light coming in, and increase your privacy. Curtains improve the aesthetics of sliding doors and help them fit in more naturally with their surroundings. 

Sliding glass doors may be given a facelift by having new curtains or window coverings installed. To help you decide on a style, we’ve listed some sliding door curtain ideas for you to consider. 


  • Subtle Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

Subtle Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

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The sliding door in your home might need a makeover. The keys to achievement include using basic window decoration techniques and tailoring to the door’s practical function.

Here’s what you can do:

  • The addition of refinement and a daytime beam of sunlight may be achieved by using thin window coverings. 
  • Consider using neutral colors like white or cream for your walls and drapes. This would provide for a much more soothing experience, particularly throughout the day. 
  • Be careful to account for the length of the sliding door when deciding how long to construct the curtains. 
  • Place some potted houseplants by the entrance to brighten up the area and draw attention away from the door. 
  • Add a single, wooden chair to the space to make it more comfortable and practical.


  • Sliding-Door Drapes That Screen Off the Light 

Sliding-Door Drapes That Screen Off the Light 

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Blocking away the sun’s rays is especially important in rooms with south-facing windows or sliding glass doors. If you want to spend more time in the same place, get a set of drapes that has this convenient function.

Things to consider:

  • Because of the striking contrast it would create, the space would be instantly recognizable as brown. Paint your space a neutral hue, such white, ash brown, or grey, to draw attention to this feature. 
  • For maximum aesthetic effect, measure your sliding door and choose curtains that are exactly the right length and breadth. 
  • If you’re a traditionalist in heart, you should stick to the tried-and-true method of using sliding doors. 
  • Get a table or stool and fill it with energizing things like fruit bowls and indoor plants to make the space seem more alive and functional.


  • Stylish Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors 

Stylish Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors 

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In certain cases, sliding door curtains have no functional use beyond aesthetics. You may put your imagination to work by adding some color to the drapes and by enhancing the beauty of your sliding door.

Some points to remember: 

  • Make sure there is just one dominating hue if you want to get a vintage look while still opening up the possibility of layering some thin curtains; otherwise, the drapes will seem gaudy and out of place. 
  • Use a contrasting color, like black or brown, on the edges and in certain areas of the curtains to create visual harmony and depth in the overall design. 
  • If you want to strike a balance between the old and the new, a white, framed sliding door would be great. Nevertheless, an ultra-wide door with a single pane of glass might also work. 
  • White walls are favored because of their classic look and adaptability.


  • Window Covering for a Sliding Glass Door in a Formal Setting

Window Covering for a Sliding Glass Door in a Formal Setting

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Curtains or drapes on sliding glass doors may make a space seem more refined. Sliding doors may be made to look great if you choose neutral yet elegant colors.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You may make the curtains stand out by making them a unique color while still matching the rest of the pattern. 
  • If you believe that a dark color would make the space seem gloomy, you’d be wrong. Instead, the elegant quality of black will shine through. 
  • If you’re going for a clean, modern aesthetic, double-paned sliding doors with aluminum frames are a great choice. 
  • Drapes that stop just short of the ceiling’s apex seem too short, while those that reach the floor give the impression that the room is much more spacious. 
  • You may go for a stark white appearance if that’s more your style, but if you’re more into design and want to feel more wealthy, try using a wallpaper with lots of crystal-like shapes.


  • Drapes for French Sliding Doors

Drapes for French Sliding Doors

Image Source: ArchiExpo

Draperies installed on sliding glass doors may elevate the elegance of any space. In the event that you are in a serious or formal mood, drapery in neutral tones just won’t cut it.

Some tips to know:

  • While it operates like a sliding glass door, a French-style sliding door has the look of conventional swinging French doors due to its broader stiles and rails. In this manner, you can give your house a style that is both classic and up-to-date. 
  • Paris is known as the city of love, therefore if you want to add a touch of creative romance to your front entrance, have the curtains in deep red. 
  • To make the place more appealing, you should have something that may collect all your curtains like a curtain ribbon or lace. Make sure that the hue should be in contrast but yet in for the opulent effect. 
  • One would have to make a concession in terms of drapery length. Use only one rod to suspend all of your drapes. 
  • The color of the walls should complement the hue of the sliding door. Choose a soft gray for a sophisticated effect.


  • Patterned Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Patterned Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Image Source: Kuber Industries

As a general rule, sliding doors take up a considerable amount of wall space, making it difficult to add decorative elements. Patterned sliding door curtains might help you reclaim some of that lost potential.

Pointers to remember:

  • Patterns provide a sense of originality and opulence to the design. It also reduces the dullness typically the door given the fact that the sliding door’s hues is generally confined to white, black and grey. 
  • Frame the sliding door extensively, but make the individual frames narrow. This would satisfy your dual desires for modern and classic aesthetics. 
  • Colors like grey and white may be used in a variety of contexts. While some may find the color scheme dull, it really provides more opportunities for creative expression when it comes to things like portraits, paintings, and door hangings. 
  • Place a circular table or stool beside the sliding door and place a single chair in front. Do not forget some potted plants or flowers for a pretty touch. 


  • Rod-Pocket Cascade Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors 

Rod-Pocket Cascade Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors 

Image Source: Pinterest

This little curtain up there is perfect if you’re looking for something simple yet stylish. If you don’t mind making the sliding door the focal point of the room, this is the layout for you.

Suggestions that might help you:

  • When executed well, a basic and whimsical style of curtains is impossible to ruin. If you’re the sort of homeowner who appreciates a glimmer of light and a breeze of fresh air, these curtains are made for you. The simplistic but sophisticated aesthetic is spot-on. 
  • The white color and the frames on the sliding doors will look great with any decoration. 
  • Painting the walls a warm brown or golden brown may provide a touch of contrast while yet maintaining a modern and minimalist aesthetic. 
  • You may make the area around the sliding door more pleasing to the eye by hanging some pictures or paintings there.


  • Luxury Blackout Panels For Sliding Glass Doors

Luxury Blackout Panels For Sliding Glass Doors

Image Source: Ali Express

Not everyone has to live in a castle to have access to the finer things in life. Curtains that match the formal and beautiful style of your sliding door are easily accessible.

Additional tips for you:

  • To give the impression that you have millions of dollars, we recommend a grey curtain with pleats up top and a design in the centre. 
  • To add sophistication, you may hang curtains with a thin, almost see-through cloth in the center. This makes for a more opulent overall appearance. 
  • The door you choose should be a French sliding door so as to provide a depth that will ultimately go towards complementing the opulent motif. 
  • Using warm hues for interior lighting creates a contrast that is both visually appealing and relaxing. Moreover, this would serve to warm things up a little. 
  • You shouldn’t be able to see the curtain rod since it would damage the overall elegant and expensive appearance. Have a hiding place ready instead. An decorative gold-painted indoor shade is a great idea.


  • Go With Animal Prints All The Way!

Go With Animal Prints All The Way!

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Adding animal pattern curtains to your patio is a great way to add a decorative element and breathe new life into an otherwise boring area. This is also perfect for animal lovers out there!

Ideas to mull over:

  • If you want to increase the space’s emotive value—and particularly if you’re an animal lover—add some decorative animals. You can’t go wrong with an exotic vibe whether you go for cheetah spots or zebra stripes. These patterns also complement the natural surroundings and are a good choice for patios with plenty of vegetation. 
  • A sliding door painted aqua blue will provide a splash of color to your room. 
  • Make sure the wall color is adaptable by mixing in some white and light gray. 
  • Cover just the sections with glass for a one-of-a-kind look. In this manner, the sliding door’s modern aesthetic may be better shown.


  • Touch Of Own’s Personality Curtains

Touch Of Own’s Personality Curtains

Image Source: Farm Food Family

By adding your own special touch, you may give your curtains an appearance that no one else can match. Curtains that are too short may easily be made longer by sewing on extra panels of cloth.

Ideas to achieve this layout:

  • Beards or a fabric braid on the hem will provide visual flair with no effort. 
  • Curtains that are too short may be easily extended by sewing on extra panels of cloth. 
  • Make the colors bolder and more earthy. Focus on a brown color scheme alone. You might also portray a more natural appearance by doing so. 
  • You’re free to choose whatever style you choose for the door, so long as there are some kind of glass panels in there for added security and elegance. 
  • The walls and doors should be painted a neutral color, such white, so that they blend in with your decor.


  • Roman Shades  Sliding Glass Doors 

Roman Shades  Sliding Glass Doors 

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Roman shades, with their many uses and attractive design, are a safe choice. The curtains are effective in blocking the sun’s rays, which was the intended objective of the design.

Achieve this design through these:

  • Roman blinds are both convenient and adaptable. While the shade is down, it is certain that no one can see inside. The beautiful design would also enhance the sliding door’s appearance. 
  • You don’t have to limit the design to a sliding door; sliding windows may be included as well. In this approach, you may make the space appear more attractive and spacious. 
  • The doors should be a basic white color with glass panes that are separated by white metal. Having too many frames might make things seem over the top. 
  • Keep in mind that the walls should coordinate with the color scheme of the sliding door and windows. For this reason, go with an agnostic term. 
  • If you want everything to seem neat and balanced, make sure the curtains are the right length for the sliding door and windows.


  • Blackout Curtains with Vibrant Hues

Blackout Curtains with Vibrant Hues

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Can you think of even one person on Earth who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of color? A colorful curtain is the only way to give your patio entrance the individuality it deserves.

Get this design by:

  • These drapes are perfect for spaces that don’t need heavy insulation. 
  • Adding a liner to your existing curtains is another option for making blackout drapes at home. 
  • Selecting blackout curtains decorated with scenes from nature is an easy way to inject life and calm into a room. To further ensure its visibility, you may choose a vibrant shade of red. 
  • In a conventional setup, the curtain would reach the floor and extend somewhat above. 
  • For a timeless and refined design, white sliding doors with several frames are a great choice. 
  • In order to make the door stand out from the wall, a little color difference is recommended. Also, the presence of contrast enhances the overall visual attractiveness.


A Quick and Easy Guide To Measuring Your Curtains: 

  1. Identify the total square footage that has to be covered before purchasing drapes. 
  2. Next, depending on how full you want the curtains to be, measure the width of the whole area and multiply that figure by 2 or 3. Then, split the result in half to get the measurement for each side of the door jamb. 
  3. Decide where you want to install your curtain hangers or rod, then take a measurement from that point down to within a half an inch of the ground. Your curtain panels will be this length. 
  4. If your wall permits it, choose drapes that can be mounted at least four to six inches above the door frame for a more tailored effect.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs 


Is it possible to cover sliding glass doors with drapes? 


Due to the frequent usage of sliding glass doors, installing curtains directly on the doors is not the ideal solution. Rather, window coverings for sliding glass doors should be hung above them. Yet, there are window coverings that must be installed just above the doorway. Both vertical blind tracks and door shutter tracks are installed within the door frame. 


How do you dress sliding glass doors? 


Sliding glass door window coverings range from curtains and drapes to shades and shutters. 

How to improve the insulation of a sliding glass door?


Energy efficiency may be improved by installing thick curtains or cellular shades over these doors and checking the seals regularly to make sure they are airtight.


How high above the floor must curtains for sliding doors be hung? 


One inch above the floor is the ideal length for curtain panels to prevent debris from falling on the floor and potential tripping hazards. Roman blinds or valances should be mounted high enough above the door frame so that the hems don’t smack anyone’s head while entering or exiting. 


Do door curtains really work? 


They are an inexpensive method of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature year round. This is due to the fact that closing door curtains limits the amount of outside air that may enter a house. This will aid in the insulation of your house and the retention of heat, both of which are useful features during the colder months.


Final Words

Many sliding glass doors are unattractive and out of date, making them difficult to cover in a stylish way. Window coverings that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical are an easy way to improve the appearance of your doors without sacrificing their functionality. 

Curtains may either complement or distract from your design, so choose wisely. Choosing from among the stunning possibilities will be your hardest challenge. 


But if you want more options, we have many more designs in store for you.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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