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Are Sliding Door Handles Universal? 

Some individuals may not be familiar with the principles of complementing the design, which might cause problems when they are tasked with creating your door handles. Keep in mind that while door knobs, light switches, and other hardware don’t need to be identical, they should all work together to create a unified design. Choose hardware that is a complementary shade to the finish on your appliances and other fixtures to create a unified look. 

In this piece, however, we’ll be discussing more than just the exactness of the door handle’s fit and go on to discuss its applicability in a wide variety of settings. Door handles are not universal if that’s what you’re asking. Hence, here are some door handle alternatives that might be useful.

What kinds of materials are used to make handles? 

Unless they were fashioned of wrought iron or another specialty metal, door knobs were typically crafted from brass. Lacquer would have been added to the brass handles. In order to achieve different finishes, such as polished chrome, an application would have been made to the basic brass. 

Zinc bases were widely used by manufacturers in the 2000s due to their low production costs and lightweight convenience. Several finishes were achieved in the same way as brass, by using the appropriate application.

Types of Sliding Door Handles

It’s vital to choose the right handle for your next project since door handles are frequently the last visible detail. From doorknobs and door handles to cabinet pulls and thumb turns, we’ve described the options so you can make an informed choice.

  • Toggle on the backplate levers 

Toggle on the backplate levers 

Image Source: Carlisle Brass

Handles with a lever attached to a backplate are one kind of such handle. Handles of this classic design are widely seen in lavatories and may be ordered with a variety of features, including simply the lever and backplate, the lever and lock, or just the thumb turn. 

Several different designs are available for the backplate, from the standard rectangular form to square, curved, and even fleur-de-lys patterns for more classical structures. 


  • Pull rose-handled levers Pull rose-handled levers

Image Source: Hiatt Hardware


The fittings of the lever on rose door knobs are concealed by the rose, which may be either square or round, and are provided alongside the lever. 

While they lack locks and are considerably smaller than backplates, locks may be installed independently and hidden behind an escutcheon for a sleek appearance. Lever on rose handles may be found in a wide variety of designs and materials to best complement your door, from basic stainless steel levers to polished chrome and two-tone finishes, and from linear handles to winged, curved, and square designs.


  • C Grab bars/handles 

C Grab bars/handles 

Image Source: Mr. Grab Bar


C pull handles are a practical option for inward-opening doors that don’t have to use locks. They are outwardly mounted on the door and available in a wide variety of designs; simplicity and convenience of use are two of the most popular criteria for selecting one. 

You may choose from a variety of handle shapes, including a curved D handle, a straight edge handle, or a T handle with extensions at both ends for a more linear appearance. 


  • Inconspicuous pull tabs 

Inconspicuous pull tabs 

Image Source: Forge Hardware Studio


Sliding doors often have flush knobs installed, which are built into the door to produce a flush finish and eliminate any obstacles that may be in the way of a smooth glide. They may be as little as finger pulls or as big as squares or circles, and come in every shape in between.


  • Doorknobs 


Image Source: BuzzFeed

Often made of metal, door knobs have a spherical form that has been in use for centuries. Turning them unlocks latches, and when combined with locks, they provide an extra layer of security. 

There are classic cast-iron door knobs for older homes and structures, as well as beautiful, modern doorknobs made of stainless steel or polished chrome. You may adorn your front door with a central doorknob, which can be purchased with standard doorknobs. 


  • Thumb turns 

Thumb turns 

Image Source: iDigHardware

In the restroom, the thumb turn is the norm. The thumb turn is easy to use and retracts or extends the bolt. While thumb turns are often employed for discretion, they are not very secure since they may be easily opened from the outside with a penny in the event of an emergency.


  • Knobs for Cupboards 

Knobs for Cupboards 

Image Source: Suffolk Latch Company

Drawers, kitchen cabinets, and more benefit greatly from cup handles due to their superior grip, even while carrying heavy loads. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes and have a traditional semicircle design. 


  • Pulls for cabinets

Pulls for cabinets

Image Source:

Cupboard pull handles are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials, allowing you to personalize your furniture to perfection. Cabinet pulls may be as simple as a curved or straight piece of metal, or they can be as ornate as a piece of cast iron. 


  • Dresser pulls 

Dresser pulls 

Image Source: Ubuy Philippines


Cabinet knobs and door knobs may be used interchangeably to modernize a space or accentuate an item of furniture. There are modern square knobs and classic round knobs made of brass or wood to choose from.


How many variations of door handle roses are there? 


Door handle roses are a great way to put the finishing touch on a room and really establish the design style you’ve gone for. They are both square and circular. 


Face Fix Rose – To avoid any confusion, a “face fix rose” is a rose on which the screws are used to secure the rose, and therefore the handle, to the door, is visible from the outside. Rose handles that are fixed to the door’s face are often seen on older, more classic pieces of furniture. 


Concealed Rose –  used to describe a rear rose in which all screws and fastening holes are “concealed” by the cover. You may choose between a “pop on” style or a “screw on” style. In most cases, screw-on roses will last longer and look better for longer than traditional flowers. 


Conceal Cassette Rose – Some rose handles include a hidden cassette rose, which consists of a sprung rose that is bolted or fastened to the door and to which the lever is connected. In contrast to the usual lever, which comes pre-mounted on the rear rise, this one must be mounted separately.


Can Any Handle Be Used On Any Patio Door? 


Replacement sliding patio door handles are not a one-size-fits-all purchase; you’ll need to measure your existing handle carefully to be sure it fits. Just as with any other uPVC door handle, measuring a sliding patio door handle is done by using a measuring tape. 


How Variable in Size Are Patio Door Handles? 


Patio door handles aren’t a standard size, so you’ll need to take two precise measurements to be sure yours will fit. In the next part, we will go through the methods necessary to accurately measure the handle on your patio door. 


To tighten or loosen a patio door handle, what is the proper procedure? 


A loose door handle is simple to repair. It’s usually only the screws that have loosened and need to be tightened. The two screws on the interior of the handle may be tightened using a Phillips screwdriver. If the issue continues, it’s possible the threads are broken and a new patio door handle may be necessary. 


What Are the Steps to Changing a Patio Door Handle? 


If you remove two screws, you may switch out the handle on your patio door. When we finished measuring like we discussed above. After those two screws are out of the inner handle, you should be able to pull it free of the door. 


Provided you have previously placed an order for a replacement patio door handle, reattaching the new handle is as simple as sliding it onto the door and using the screws supplied to secure it.

Can a door handle be easily replaced? 


The vast majority of doorknobs can be quickly and easily removed. Most door handles will be screwed into place, but some may use a grub screw. A few may contain fasteners that are only visible after removing the decorative rose plate. In certain cases, you’ll need to screw in from both sides, since there are double-sided fasteners.


Final Words 


Before deciding on a particular set of deadbolts or latches for your home, it is important to conduct some research on the topic and get all the relevant data you can before going shopping for innovative door hardware or sliding door hardware components. 


The size of the doorknob, the number of levers and springs, the ease with which replacement parts can be obtained, the methods for opening the door, the benefits of installing a high-tech electronic lock, and the availability of spare parts are all important factors in ensuring the safety of your home. 


The smooth purchase and installation of locks on doors require balancing the cost with relevant security features. With this being said, we know you want to know more, and we are here for you to quench that thirst. Here are some articles for you to read: 


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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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Are Sliding Door Handles Universal? 

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