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Sliding Doors or French Doors? 

Sliding Doors or French Doors?

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When comparing French doors with patio doors, what are the key differences? Both French doors and sliding patio doors have breathtaking widths, but the style in which they open is what sets them apart. Sliding patio doors move horizontally down a track, whereas French doors open outward on hinges. 

This distinction may seem little, yet it endows these lovely entrances with their own advantages and disadvantages. What follows is a discussion about whether you should choose sliding doors or french doors. Read and know what best suits you.


French Door Definition:

Traditional French doors are twin doors that may swing either inward or outward and do not have a stile made of wood. Paned glass panes and lever-style handles make these doors suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. 


Sliding Door Definition: 

Sliding doors, also known as patio doors, are hinged at the top and bottom and glide open and closed along a track. These doors are versatile and may be used inside or out. They are both space-saving and illuminating. 



French doors, as contrast to sliding doors, contain larger panes of glass and a more substantial frame. They are characteristic of buildings designed in the traditional style. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are often made with just one pane of glass, so they don’t obscure the view outside.

Concerns to Think About While Selecting Between French Doors and Patio Doors


How do you like your door to open? 

French doors typically swing outward, but you may have them rehung so that they swing inward if desired. Patio doors, on the other hand, open horizontally on tracks. Both may be rather substantial entrances; your decision should be based on the available area. 

French doors provide a stunning European touch to a house, but they need a sizable swing arc to be clear in order to be opened. Doors like this may serve as a decorative focal point. But, sliding patio doors are a great option for homes with the limited floor area. It will be just as easy to open these doors and let in the light. But, you won’t have to make any preparations to make room for your door to be opened. 


How Windy Is It?

In areas where gusts of wind are possible, it is important to secure any external doors that swing outward so that they do not close unexpectedly. If there are young children or pets in the house, more caution is warranted. 

There is a chance that the door will slam if you use French doors, as there is any kind of swinging door. Nevertheless, you may reduce the potential harm from a strong wind by using door stops or safety restrictors. Sliding doors, like patio doors, are impervious to the elements. 

If severe winds don’t threaten your property, French doors are unrivaled in terms of style and sophistication. French doors may look great and be on trend, but if your home is at risk from high winds, a graceful sliding patio door may be a safer and more practical option. 

Would you prefer an Opening That You Can Control?

In certain situations, you may choose to keep some parts of your property closed off. When you want to let some fresh air into a room but don’t want to subject anybody to the chill of a draft, a slightly ajar door may be all that’s needed. 

The double-paned glass in sliding patio doors allows for more precise opening and closing. Still, French doors are a great option if you want to keep your entrances wide open. The width of the opening between these doors is equivalent to that of two conventional ones.


How Wide Should the Entryways Be? 

By exchanging a solid wall for a glass door, you can make a once-dark space bright and airy. Also, the scenery outside is stunning. The space seems more spacious and inviting in the light, making it ideal for both hosting guests and spending quality time with loved ones. 

On the other hand, if you’re considering extra-wide French doors, you’ll require a sizable opening. They work well for standard-sized doorways, but patio doors are a superior choice for bigger spaces. Your doors may be as narrow or as broad as you choose, and they will always slide easily down their tracks. 


Is a Clear Panoramic Perspective a Must Have? 

If you have a beautiful garden or a magnificent view, you probably want to brag about it. French doors and patio doors are both examples of such wide glass doors. Patio doors provide you with a huge pane of glass that opens up your home to the great outside. It’s worth noting that French doors, like sliding glass doors, are often rather broad and glazed. 

Sliding patio doors let more light in and out, but their frame is fixed, so they don’t open as wide. Despite its relatively small glass area—equal to that of only two-door sashes—French doors have a flying mullion. This is the keystone that allows access to the slave quarters. If you open both doors, there will be no obstructions to your sight. 

Consequently, French doors are the best option if you want a clear view when they are fully opened. Patio doors are great if you don’t mind having your view somewhat obstructed by frames.



The maintenance requirements of French doors and sliding doors are different and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Little amounts of care and attention are needed for each of them. Yet, sliding doors are often dirtier than other types of doorways. 



Depending on the climate and general wear and tear of your doorways, you may want to upgrade to heavier-duty French or sliding doors. Unless they are properly fitted and maintained, both kinds of doors may be harmed by water. 



Whether you choose a French or sliding door, effective installation usually requires the assistance of a professional. Proper sealing, in addition to making sure the doors fit snugly in the frame, is essential for a watertight door. 


Term of Life 

Sliding glass doors and French doors may seem different and have different purposes, yet they share a lifespan. Around 30 years of use is typical for both varieties. Softly shutting doors and keeping up with routine maintenance will extend their useful lives. 


Value at Sale 

Although while doors don’t usually have a significant ROI, they improve the aesthetic and feel of your house nevertheless. Adding French or sliding doors may improve your home’s selling value, depending on the kind of doors you already have. 



It’s important to take proper safety measures before installing glass doors, especially if they’re going to be entirely or mostly transparent. Although large windows allow you to take in your surroundings from the comfort of your home, they also invite prying eyes.




French Doors 

Outside French doors may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000, while interior doors can be purchased for as little as $500 to $800, installation not included. Doors made from expensive materials like mahogany or cedar, or those with aluminum shell reinforcements, will cost more than standard wood doors. 

The larger the door, the higher the cost. Depending on whether it’s a single or double door, standard dimensions are between 6 and 10 feet in height and 3 and 8 feet in width. 


Sliding Doors

Before factoring indoor installation costs, the price of a sliding door is typically between $ 400 and $2 500. Standard 4-foot-wide doors cost about $400, while 16-foot-wide doors set you back over $2,000. 

Costs may rise if you choose hurricane-resistant, soundproof, double-pane, or six-panel sliding doors. These items cost from $2,000 to $3,500, with a six-panel door costing up to $6,500. Automatic doors that open when you push a button may be purchased for between $2,000 and $7,500.

Final Words

When deciding whether you should get a sliding door or a french door, well, it all depends on what you’re looking for, to be honest. A sliding patio door is the most space- and cost-efficient choice if you’re planning to add a patio to your home. 

On the other hand, French patio doors can be the best option if you’re going for a more classic aesthetic and have room for them.  You can’t go wrong with any choice since both types of doors may be personalized and upgraded for greater energy efficiency.


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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


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