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What Do Hotels Use To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Everyone admires the sparkling shower glass door in a hotel. This could leave you pondering how they’ve managed to maintain such pristine glass condition, compared to the one you have in your home.

The simple answer to how hotels manage to keep their shower glass doors clean is that they take care of it daily. When cleaning your shower door, they take up a large amount of soap scum which could easily build up on the surface of the glass. However, with regular cleaning, these buildups can be dealt with and you’ll have a cleaner shower door.

Here, you’ll learn the exact formula that top hotels use to clean their glass shower doors.

What is The Secret Behind Sparkling Hotel Glass Shower Doors?

Even though most hotels resort to cleaning their glass shower doors daily, there are still some principles applied to ensure they have a permanently clean glass door. The truth is that hotels with crisp and clean glass shower doors do have a process of getting rid of water hardness when cleaning.

Hard water contains minerals that can easily cause soapy buildup which makes cleaning harder. The best option for you is to invest in water softeners and you’ll have a long-term solution for your glass shower doors.

Cheaper Alternatives To Clean a Glass Door

There are several options that you can choose from if you do not have the time and money to invest in a water softener. These options are natural solutions to ensure that you have a shiny glass door at all times.

Here are a few solutions:


Clean your glass shower doors with a prepared solvent of distilled vinegar. This is an affordable and practical option to opt for, especially if you’re trying to get rid of soap scum on your glass doors. Vinegar has an acidity level that only provides a temporary solution to soapy buildups. It is safe to use at home and also effective.


Lemon is a great option to clean your glass shower doors. By preparing a mixture of lemon and distilled water into a spray bottle, you can get rid of unwanted buildup on your glass shower door. Lemon is effective, safe to use, and leaves your shower smelling nice.


You could have a crisp glass shower door just like a five-star hotel if you could invest in water softeners for a long-lasting solution. However, if you cannot keep up with the financial demand, you can try out the natural options explained earlier.

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