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How much do Sliding Doors Cost?

How much do Sliding Doors Cost?

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Add a touch of contemporary style to your house with sliding patio doors? They are simple to operate, take up little room, and flood interiors with light from outside. Yet, the cost to set them up varies greatly. 

We’ve done the legwork for you and outlined the typical prices people pay for sliding patio doors and the variables that go into that cost below. 


Price of a Sliding Patio Door 

There is a wide range of costs for sliding patio doors. The cost of the doors and the installation must be included. The price of labor is around $500 but might go up if the installation is very complicated. There is a greater variety of prices for the doors themselves, from $1,000 to $7,000. On average, the cheapest doors are those with a little plastic frame and the most expensive are those made of wood. 

It takes no more than two carpenters and about $400 to install a door that is less than eight feet in height and does not have any architectural elements like ornamental glass or transoms. A crew of four carpenters and an additional $2,500 are needed to install a door that is eight feet or higher and/or has intricate carvings.


Pricing Variation Based On Glass Material 

Most manufacturers will let you order replacement glass panels specifically for your sliding door. The glass used in these doors may be either tempered or laminated, and they are created to order. Triple-pane or double-pane glass is more expensive to produce than single-pane glass. Here, we’ll compare the costs of some of the most often used forms of glass. 


Size Types of Sliding Doors

Installing a larger sliding glass door will cost more since more time and materials will be needed. Lesser alternatives start at about $400, but more elaborate ones may cost as much as $3,500. In general, the going rate, square foot, for standard sliding door sizes is from $10 to $50.


Laminated Glass 

Laminated Glass 

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Broken laminated glass remains intact due to the interlayer’s thin polymer support. It is often used by contractors for shop windows and by the car industry for windshields. Price ranges from $750 to $1,500 for laminated glass that can withstand hurricane force winds. 


Tempered Glass 

Tempered Glass

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Automotive windows often use tempered glass due to its high level of safety. Stronger and more insulating than laminated glass, but at a higher price. Prices for tempered sliding glass doors range from around $400 to $600 on average, with wide variations due to factors such as door size and design. 


Built-In Blinds or Shades

Built-In Blinds or Shades

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Glass with pre-installed blinds or shades is available from certain manufacturers. These hassle-free, cordless blinds may be closed without the need for cleaning and can prevent harm to children and animals caused by dangling cables. Blinds and shades that fit between panes of glass are often custom-ordered at a premium. 


Decorative Glass 

Decorative Glass 

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Patio doors with decorative glass are both attractive and unique. It is possible that it will have a unique color scheme, texture pattern, or design tinted to conceal your identity while still looking good. The price range for decorative glass is $300–$1,100.


Material-Based Costing

Ordinary metals like aluminum are much more affordable than, instance, genuine wood. Like with any material, fiberglass may become pricy if you’re looking for high-end components. Indicated below is a typical breakdown of material costs:


Material Cost
Fiberglass $1,500–$2,500
Vinyl $300–$1,200 
Aluminum  $750–$2,500
Composite $600–$1,200
Wood $1,000–$3,000
Wood clad $12,000–$14,000


Door Prices 

The price of a standard two-panel door may be less than $1,000, but a four-panel alternative or a pair of French patio doors can easily exceed $3,000. Below is a breakdown of prices by door style.


Type Cost
French doors $500–$4,000
Folding doors / bi-fold doors $8,400–$12,000
Telescoping $1,500–$5,000
2-panel  $700–$2,400 
3-panel $1,000–$5,000
4-panel $2,500–$7,000 


Amount of Typical Sliding Door Accessories 

These are some more features you may add to your sliding door for extra cost. 



This elegant feature may be installed to most sliding glass doors and varies in cost from $50 to $100 on average. 

Pet Fence Panels 

The installation of a pet panel on your sliding glass door might provide simple access for your cat or dog. This upgrade might increase the cost of your door by an additional $150 – $400. 


Decorative elements for Windows 

In most cases, you should expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $400 for blinds or shades that are installed permanently into a sliding glass door. Separately sold and installed window coverings range in price from $20 to $150. 



The cost to install a lock on a sliding door might vary from $20 to $700. Sophisticated, remotely controlled, smart locks are on the upper end of this scale. 



Screens for sliding glass doors might add anything from $150 to $500 to your total charge.


Here Are Three Methods to Reduce Your Expenses When Purchasing a Sliding Door 

Use these tips to reduce the cost of installing a sliding glass door after you’ve already spent all you can afford. 


Invest more money on a few optional extras

Enhancements that assist reduce energy use, such as window tinting, insulation inserts, and particular kinds of glass, may increase the initial cost but save money in the long run. If you know, for instance, that your sliding glass doors are airtight, you may reduce the frequency with which you turn on your heating and cooling systems. 

Keep away from Brand-New Buildings 

The price of a new sliding door installation might go up significantly if you need to cut a new entryway. If you decide to get a new door instead of fixing the existing one, you may avoid those expenses altogether. 

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Some points to add: 


DIY Sliding Glass Door Installation 

DIY installation of sliding glass doors may save you $300–$800 if you have the know-how and equipment (or aren’t scared to rent them).


Do-it-yourself vs. Hiring a pro 

DIY sliding patio door installation calls for more than just a few hours of work and a few basic carpentry skills. It’s possible to save money by doing it yourself, but it will take you far longer than it would take a pro. 

A new door may be installed and the old one removed and disposed of by professionals in a single day. Doing the installation yourself will take a lot of time (maybe even weeks). How long it takes to install a door depends on factors such as the number of people helping and whether or not the door has to be painted and accessorized after installation. Below we’ll take a look at the two choices in more detail. 


Sliding Patio Door Installation By A Professional


Using more complex carpentry techniques, installing a patio door is a challenging home improvement task. If this is going to be your first time doing a project of this kind in your house, you should probably hire a professional. Standard measurements may not always work for your specific area, so having a professional verify that your chosen door will fit into the existing frame is a good idea. 

Leak-proof flashing, shims, jambs, support blocks, filler strips, sill pans, and PVC cement are all things that professionals will have on hand. Furthermore, they are able to raise the doors, which may weigh up to 100 pounds, due to their strength and expertise. While installers may charge up to $100 an hour, most will guarantee their work. 


Do-It-Yourself Sliding Patio Door Setup 

Committed do-it-yourselfers may save hundreds of dollars by putting in their own sliding patio doors. You may have to invest in new equipment or supplementary gear, however, which will eat into your money. DIYers will take longer than experts to complete the task, and any errors they make won’t be covered by warranty.


Final Words

Sliding patio doors update a property with contemporary style and let in plenty of natural light. Homeowners may customize their homes to their tastes and budgets by selecting from a wide range of materials and aesthetic options. 

The price of a sliding patio door installation will vary based on the door’s materials, dimensions, style, and optional extras. Hiring a professional installer may raise your budget, but they will ensure a job well done that will endure.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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How much do Sliding Doors Cost?

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